Four Years at AWS…..

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Three years at AWS.

Is it really three years?  Damn time flies when you fit in well and are having fun.



Two Years at AWS!

200% Perculiar now.





One Year at AWS!


The fire hydrant of knowledge has been affixed firmly to my head for a long time now. Though the flow of information on products and services from high to low and left to right has not slowed down. In fact it has sped up! The innovation by everyone, everday, is incredible.

In a tornado of awesomeness for sure!


Off to work for Amazon Web Services!

Making History….


Still Alive

I really should blog more.  But Twitter and LinkedIn make it so much easier than blogging.  Then again I do need to rekindle my love of tech. And doing consulting in Australia is a lot more boring than a Startup in China.  On the other hand, my diet, exercise and stress levels are much better.


It’s been a while – SKAFFOLD Launches

It’s been a long while between posts.

In the interim the following has happened:

– Gone through a public company’s voluntary administration and subsequent exit

– Started consulting more and bringing some up to date Infrastructure and Linux love to Australia

– Bought a house went live!  Check it out.

I will get back into this now that things start to settle down.  A bit to also talk about in China and most importantly now that I am in Australia.  I am gaining a better understanding of China as I can compare and contrast.  A whole new insight so to speak.