VMWARE Keyboard Repeating Madness

This issue has bugged me for well over 5 years.  VMWARE has some weird issue – mainly with Linux hosts where the keyoard goes crazy and a single key press cause a million entries to appear.  Much like the stoned virus of circa 1989 that really got to me when it ruined my Wing Commander install!

Anyway – this problem gets worse with the distributed IDC/Cloud.  So just add this little line to the advnced properties of any (read all) hosts.

keyboard.typematicMinDelay = 2000000

While one normally uses SSH or RDP to get to remote machines – when boot strapping, or post cloning and need to change a mac address binding or any other of small thing, this keyboard bug will drive you nuts.  Especially when a 30 second downtime blows out.  And all you want to do is edit 2 or 3 characters.

Breath…. please take this all and be happy as I am now.  😉