EQUINIX – Would you like fries with that?

Had a good tour of the EQUNIX facility in Sydney today.  Been to a few (EQUINIX Locations) around the world and yet again the structure, layout and operation procedures are identical to all.

The McDonalds of IDC’s?

I mean that in a good way.  I can see why they offer such a compelling IDC choice for many companies.  From being carrier neutral, easy cross connects, standardised security and operational procedures – heck even the free wifi is based on the same docket printing and login system.

While I give kudos to EQUINIX Sydney for providing a couch area with TV, ping pong, food and coffee.  I must say that charging people for a cup of machine coffee is a little on the tight side.  The showers are a nice touch – but LG DATACOM in Seoul still takes the cake as the best IDC that “Gets it” when it comes to poor nocturnal IT staff.  They provide a mini hotel/dormitory area where you can also catch some sleep in private while that massive rsync finishes or your team works in shifts to complete work within the downtime window.