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VMWARE Keyboard Repeating Madness

This issue has bugged me for well over 5 years. VMWARE has some weird issue – mainly with Linux hosts where the keyoard goes crazy and a single key press cause a million entries to appear.


CANDIS got a mention in a Drupal.org write up for our work with TheBeijinger.com

While no way near as cool or professional as my stint in CNN a couple of years back. It is still cool though; http://drupal.org/node/357715


Busy Bee, China Storage Fabric, Thin Clients, iSCSI SAN’s and more

Been a bit busy of late. Many new clients and some large contracts (our largest to date). Our utility infrastructure has grown a lot too. Some of the projects and services that we are working on now and hope to launch very soon are:


ESX: Recover from expanded disk with existing snapshot or corrupted snapshots

I had a nasty shock this week with ESX3. I was going about expanding virtual disks and reallocating resources for one client. Now, I have done this MANY times, so I thought that “the 2 day old backup is sufficient” and did not wait 3-4 hours for a new backup, right before what will be […]


The New Virtual Infrastructure

I have been using VMWARE/BOCHS and UML for around 7 years now. And boy have things moved quickly! Most recently VMWARE announced their new products. ESX 3.5 is basically the same as ESX3, the main new feature that all people could use is the central patch management system. The feature that is really putting this […]


When 73GB is not 73GB! Enter LVM

Thought I should write something tech for a change! 😉 It is golden week here and all are away on break. So instead of forcing a staff member to come back, I thought I would take care of some stuff myself. My problems started when a client who has a large advertising cluster, was running […]


Off-shoring and Fujitsu took my idea!

It is nice to see that I am not too “out there” in my thoughts. http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/business/0,39044229,62030996,00.htm Difference is, they are still paying too much $$$$ to over paid western IT staff that really don’t do any serious Computer Science or R+D. That’s where China comes in! Global economy people, get with it, or get left […]