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EQUINIX – Would you like fries with that?

Had a good tour of the EQUNIX facility in Sydney today. Been to a few around the world and yet again the structure, layout and operation procedures are identical to all. The McDonalds of IDC’s?


Busy Bee, China Storage Fabric, Thin Clients, iSCSI SAN’s and more

Been a bit busy of late. Many new clients and some large contracts (our largest to date). Our utility infrastructure has grown a lot too. Some of the projects and services that we are working on now and hope to launch very soon are:


Off-shoring and Fujitsu took my idea!

It is nice to see that I am not too “out there” in my thoughts. http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/business/0,39044229,62030996,00.htm Difference is, they are still paying too much $$$$ to over paid western IT staff that really don’t do any serious Computer Science or R+D. That’s where China comes in! Global economy people, get with it, or get left […]