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Xinjiang, China Internet Block to last until October 1st 2009, Face Book and Twitter?

According to the local media in China, things flared up 2 days ago again. So while internet restrictions were about to be lifted the current official line is October 1st – China National Day – is when the blocks will be lifted.


Tweetup Beijing with Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss and Glenn Mcelhose

Awesome night. Feeling a bit seedy now as I get ready for my 11am – however met a bunch of cool people that share this city with me and of course Kevin, Tim and Glen. Like most tech meet ups in China, Australians tend to me over represented – though I hope we were well behaved.


Twitter blocked in China

Twitter blocked in China? I can tweet via blog-but my twitter.com page just got the infamous “connection reset” msg..lets see if it passes?