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EQUINIX – Would you like fries with that?

Had a good tour of the EQUNIX facility in Sydney today. Been to a few around the world and yet again the structure, layout and operation procedures are identical to all. The McDonalds of IDC’s?


Thermal Failure Protection

When you have a server (and lets hope it is a real one and not a Zhong Guan Cun job) you should enable thermal protection. Because A/C units do fail as do fans and other servers. Thermal protection will cause your systems to shut down gracefully and prevent damage to them and surround devices – like UPS batteries.


Software as a Service, ASPing, ESPing, ISPing and many more “SP’s”

Software as a service. Sounds nice doesn’t it? How about utility computing or computing as a service? Well it is not until you actually start to UNDERSTAND it – that you get to appreciate it. All too often the pundits of tech in society (as nice as they are), like twit.tv, cnet.com and zdnet.com – […]


China an inefficient truth

I read this entry over on David Wolf’s blog before my recent trip back down under about power usage and IT infrastructure. Silicon Hutong And the topic did strike a “Hey this is real man!!!” kind of chord with me. A cathartic resonance that shall never come from me with respect to the greater greenhouse […]


China’s Olympic Data Centre

I got to go and stick my nose about a nice “Olympic Quality” (whatever that means) CNC data centre last night as my team and I ripped up and put back together a new clients ailing cluster. This place had official Olympic logo’s all over the place! And nice toilets – a rudimentary western yard […]


The Verdict Is In!

Excellent Results! CPU System load was DOWN. This is due to much better disk IO (reduced wait times) and as such, user processes get to breath and send stuff back to clients in a speedy fashion.