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Korea and Hong Kong Cluster Deployments

CANDIS staff have just returned from building out some redundant clusters in Korea and Hong Kong for a foreign Banking client.


Nickel and Dimming Vendor Olympics?

In the middle of putting out a proposal for a very large client/tender at the moment. Well over a life time’s earnings in servers and an as yet un calculated retainer and service rate at this stage – electricity and bandwidth and human hours all cost money. I always try to get the best prices […]


DRAC4 Reset?

My hosting manager found out this cool info recently. DRAC cards are a pain when they do not work – which is not rare. They are very important and are only needed in rare circumstances. However if those circumstances arise – these cards MUST perform. I must say that the PE1800 and DRAC4 that we […]


When 73GB is not 73GB! Enter LVM

Thought I should write something tech for a change! 😉 It is golden week here and all are away on break. So instead of forcing a staff member to come back, I thought I would take care of some stuff myself. My problems started when a client who has a large advertising cluster, was running […]


Computing on Demand

I was just talking to a client and I had to explain to him that, “You already have the RAID card in your motherboard, but you can’t use it until you buy an activation key from Dell”. This confused him. “If I have it, why do I have to pay for it?”. Well without getting […]