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China .CN TLD Registration Rules Change Again #complete_shock

In any case, it is now not the case that a business can register a domain name. Get this. Businesses are NOT ALLOWED to own .CN domain names. ONLY INDIVIDUALS. I’ll let you all ponder why that may be the case. It is about as hard as figuring out why BBQ’s attract flies.


Guanxi #fake_china_consultant

You people out there know who you are. Stop trying to take the short cuts and giving us genuine China hands a bad reputation.



There seems to be a lot of confusion and old information floating around about what is or isn’t an ICP may be and what is needed to get one and then as announced today – additional steps needed during the actual application process.


China Government Notice August 2010: ICP Application Process

With new regulations enforced by MIIT, Internet Service Providers are obliged to conform to the current ICP application procedure. Specifications are as follows:


Double ICP Needed

Previously you would have to decide between a “normal” ICP as needed for all business online properties. Or a “commercial” ICP for doing trades/shopping cart/ecommerce.


Kevin Rose Beijing, Cleaning up

Going through some old scans from last year (bit of a back log). Here is one I took of Kevin Rose (digg.com founder) when I took him out for Chaunr after a regrettably too lately planned and informed tweetup that prevented the execution of some serious piss cutting out on the town. :-s


Google Using Site Speed Ranking & China Based Servers

It is also no secret that the percentage of users in China that would love to use foreign web sites for most of their daily stuff – is quite low. Yes stuff is blocked. But the lion’s share of Chinese speaking people want Chinese sites with Chinese stuff of them. They are located inside China.