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Flickr Blocked in China Too!

There goes the flickr image servers as well. The fall out from Xinjiang continues.

Flickr works still for chat and forums – but no images.


Facebook Blocked in China

facebook.com blocked in China.

This time it is not even the “Connection Reset” usual suspect. Nothing is happening so I am guessing DNS poisoning.


OK – GPRS works for Twitter… IDC doesn’t on CNC – does on China Telecom – office doesn’t

This makes me laugh when overseas China tech “experts” say the “Great Firewall”. There is NO FIREWALL. There is a VERY DECOUPLED and de cntralised filtering system that often gives different results on different networks and at different times.


Twitter blocked in China

Twitter blocked in China? I can tweet via blog-but my twitter.com page just got the infamous “connection reset” msg..lets see if it passes?