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Kevin Rose Beijing, Cleaning up

Going through some old scans from last year (bit of a back log). Here is one I took of Kevin Rose (digg.com founder) when I took him out for Chaunr after a regrettably too lately planned and informed tweetup that prevented the execution of some serious piss cutting out on the town. :-s


Taking Andy Ihnatko around MY Beijing

Been a busy week for visiting tech celebs here in Beijing. First Kevin Rose and his tea tour group and now Andy Ihnatko.


Tweetup Beijing with Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss and Glenn Mcelhose

Awesome night. Feeling a bit seedy now as I get ready for my 11am – however met a bunch of cool people that share this city with me and of course Kevin, Tim and Glen. Like most tech meet ups in China, Australians tend to me over represented – though I hope we were well behaved.


Open Office Conference Confirmed for Beijing

Yay! Go read www.beijinglug.org for more. Now if only IDG could put on a half decent Linux World instead of the token crap they excrete out like a constipated hippo.


Wimax Getting Closer in Beijing! Boxes Sighted!

I was making a surprise visit to our data centre today to see if the mice were at play while yours truly, the big cat was away. Out the front I saw all these boxes being unloaded by the truckload. I asked what they were all for and was told that this is for the […]


ICP Certificates, Beijing Linux User Group Compliance

Well, the thing is, in China, you have to have a licence to have a website, called an ICP. It costs money if you are commercial, even more money if an e-commerce site, as well as a bank deposit with a certain amount of registered capital. For non commercial entities it is free and no […]


Beijing Software Freedom Day: A fire breathing Dragon of a success!

Well, we came, we championed, we explained, we lobbied and we taught. We laughed, we gathered, we swapped tales and we helped clear up some misconceptions. The sun was out, the sky was blue(ish – not bad by Beijing’s standards) and the students were happy and eager to learn what was going on and to […]