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Tomcat = Headache

Well m recipe was good. I just have to find it again. While no one forgets to ride a bike – my brain can’t keep all the tech stuff that is life current and in the level one cache of my cerebral cortex. I need to push stuff out to swap now and then. But to close up this lame virtual memory metaphor…. I have a serious case of page fault right now. 🙁


Software as a Service, ASPing, ESPing, ISPing and many more “SP’s”

Software as a service. Sounds nice doesn’t it? How about utility computing or computing as a service? Well it is not until you actually start to UNDERSTAND it – that you get to appreciate it. All too often the pundits of tech in society (as nice as they are), like twit.tv, cnet.com and zdnet.com – […]