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EQUINIX – Would you like fries with that?

Had a good tour of the EQUNIX facility in Sydney today.  Been to a few (EQUINIX Locations) around the world and yet again the structure, layout and operation procedures are identical to all.

The McDonalds of IDC’s?

I mean that in a good way.  I can see why they offer such a compelling IDC choice for many companies.  From being carrier neutral, easy cross connects, standardised security and operational procedures – heck even the free wifi is based on the same docket printing and login system.

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China .CN TLD Registration Rules Change Again #complete_shock

Who didn’t see this one coming?

Maybe a few “China Consultants” who are out busy trying to sell their expertise (cough) on Guanxi and gan bei?  But the rest of you I am sure will be dragging out the #conplete_shock hash tag right about now, right?

In any case, it is now not the case that a business can register a domain name.  Get this.  Businesses are NOT ALLOWED to own .CN domain names.  ONLY INDIVIDUALS.  I’ll let you all ponder why that may be the case.  It is about as hard as figuring out why BBQ’s attract flies.

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Guanxi #fake_china_consultant

I won’t write too much on this.  Did so already on LinkedIn and then David Wolf did it over on Silicon Hutong.

You people out there know who you are.  Stop trying to take the short cuts and giving us genuine China hands a bad reputation.


VMWARE Keyboard Repeating Madness

This issue has bugged me for well over 5 years.  VMWARE has some weird issue – mainly with Linux hosts where the keyoard goes crazy and a single key press cause a million entries to appear.  Much like the stoned virus of circa 1989 that really got to me when it ruined my Wing Commander install!

Anyway – this problem gets worse with the distributed IDC/Cloud.  So just add this little line to the advnced properties of any (read all) hosts.

keyboard.typematicMinDelay = 2000000

While one normally uses SSH or RDP to get to remote machines – when boot strapping, or post cloning and need to change a mac address binding or any other of small thing, this keyboard bug will drive you nuts.  Especially when a 30 second downtime blows out.  And all you want to do is edit 2 or 3 characters.

Breath…. please take this all and be happy as I am now.  😉



There seems to be a lot of confusion and old information floating around about what is or isn’t an ICP may be and what is needed to get one and then as announced today – additional steps needed during the actual application process.

All the relevant information is summarised here. ICP like all regulations in China is an opaque topic and can’t be summarised into a bullet point list. So please read the links below to become fully educated.


China Government Notice August 2010: ICP Application Process

Please note that this is a notice about the application PROCEDURE.  Not about the eligibility or style of ICP.  Please see these posts for that information:

History of ICP

Double ICP Needed

ICP Application Procedure and Specifications

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Would you ever NOT offshore development?

Was just pondering some developments of late (can’t speak publicly yet) and I thought even more about a stance that I have had for a while.

Is there any point in NOT offshoring work? Most of the best tech these days is made out of India and Asia. So why do people still bother to do Computer Science degrees in the west or learn programming?

I mean – we don’t learn how to work in factory lines anymore in the west? And for that fact anything involving the under the hood nuts and bolts or “Lego” side of technology with the cloud heavily on us. Are people really not aware of the changing world around them?