Would you ever NOT offshore development?

Was just pondering some developments of late (can’t speak publicly yet) and I thought even more about a stance that I have had for a while.

Is there any point in NOT offshoring work? Most of the best tech these days is made out of India and Asia. So why do people still bother to do Computer Science degrees in the west or learn programming?

I mean – we don’t learn how to work in factory lines anymore in the west? And for that fact anything involving the under the hood nuts and bolts or “Lego” side of technology with the cloud heavily on us. Are people really not aware of the changing world around them?


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  1. Oct18th2010
    1 Charlie Wang Oct 18th, 2010 at 1:52 PM

    Richard, I absolutely agree with your POV. These days, majority of the programming grunt work can be outsourced straight to India/China/Eastern Europe for significantly lowered cost AND most of the time higher quality.

    From what I’ve seen in China, Chinese companies STILL like to hire their own programming talent. I don’t think outsourcing has caught on yet, especially in the SMB circle. And with the higher living standards in 1st tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai, it’s more cost efficient for Chinese companies to outsource to India.

    However, as the trend to outsource gains more popularity. I think firms will realize the “How to do it” talent(programmers) is no longer important, and will instead focus on the “What to do ” talents(business analysts, PMs).

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