Tweetup Beijing with Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss and Glenn Mcelhose

Awesome night. Feeling a bit seedy now as I get ready for my 11am – however met a bunch of cool people that share this city with me and of course Kevin, Tim and Glenn. Like most tech meet ups in China, Australians tend to be over represented – though I hope we were well behaved.

I kept telling Kevin that I was trying hard not to blow smoke up his rear, but he really is a down to earth, friendly and an interesting guy. He has a real passion for tech (and tea) and the experiences that we could show him of our beloved Beijing. Of course with more time and more notice you can really roll out the red carpet.

On the way back to Kevin’s hotel for a drink before he turned in, the topic of food came up, he hadn’t eaten, and neither had I, since I went straight to the tweetup from work. As I ran through my mental list of places that would be open after midnight that were near where we were going and had good food, I met a total mental road block. Then I saw out the window a typical scene in China – a bunch of people with tables and chairs lined up outside many adjacent “holes in the wall”, eating, drinking beer and being merry. I told the taxi to stop right here…….. So we all sat down and had a real local Beijing meal and I introduced our guests to meat sticks or “Yang Rou Chuanr”. A lamb skewer made popular by the Xinjiang natives in China. For me it was a little poetic as I hadn’t planned on Chuanr, though it is what our Beijing Linux Users Group lives on!

Anyway I hope Kevin, Tim and Glenn enjoyed their culture lessons relating to alcohol and again wish to thank them for making themselves available to us fans and allowing us to show them a good time, it meant a lot to me and I am sure it did to the others as well.