Taking Andy Ihnatko around MY Beijing

Been a busy week for visiting tech celebs here in Beijing!

First Kevin Rose and his tea tour group and now Andy Ihnatko. Well it was a long day (especially with a not yet quite right broken ankle on the mend) but well worth it to be able to both meet Andy, give him the insiders tour and satisfy any man’s most basic, bestial and testosterone fuelled primal desires of the flesh………..look at rows of knock off iPhones (and ipones and ifawns) and help bargain them down to the lowest price!

Andy – hope you had fun – I knew that years of Chinese study at university here and IT entrepreneurship would prove to be useful one day.

So 2 out of 3 this week. Really wish we got Leo Laporte as well (not for lack of trying!) and it would have been a trifecta, a six, a home run or a converted try under the posts…….just pick your favourite sport.

Leo our hearts are broken – so please come back one day and let us mark you off the list?