OK – GPRS works for Twitter… IDC doesn’t on CNC – does on China Telecom – office doesn’t

This makes me laugh when overseas China tech “experts” say the “Great Firewall”. There is NO FIREWALL. There is a VERY DE COUPLED and de centralised filtering system that often gives different results on different networks and at different times.

So the office on CNC does not – so this is a CNC problem…

This is why I always tell clients, don’t cheap out on the cheapest hosting – always host in an IDC that is dual homed to both CNC and CT and will pass traffic between the two networks (and others) because Chinese network providers charge each other to peer traffic – as such it is often slow or limited.

Another China day. Back to work.

UPDATE:  Fully blocked now…seems at the gateway, tests show dropped packets and not the usual local area filtering “TCP Reset” style of error.