China Fears and Lazy Westerners…

State Empire Building Lit up for China (awakens mass hysteria in under-achieving-and-looking-for-someone-to-blame-interet-forum-fauna).

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My spasm of reality @enfeebledwesterners

“FUD (and a general lack of knowledge of history) does amazing things to otherwise intelligent people.

If you lost your job to China – then it is your fault – not theirs. The fact that you are still trying to do jobs in the West that should by all logical rights, be done in a developing country (hello GM??) – you have committed your nations to obscurity.

By riding on the tail coats of your ancestors and doing nothing yourselves, you have mooched away through your self serving, short term selfish ways a once great tradition of western achievement into what…. a debate over a photo online because one feels insecure?

What pride.

It happens in Australia too. Maybe this is just the kick in the butt some people need to wake up and start taking an active role in their lives as opposed to being apathetic spectators.

Hint – it ain’t China that is your problem.”