Google Using Site Speed Ranking & China Based Servers

Well it is not news to most people in the industry and it has been sort of expected for a while:


It is also no secret that the percentage of users in China that would love to use foreign web sites for most of their daily stuff – is quite low.  Yes stuff is blocked.  But the lion’s share of Chinese speaking people want Chinese sites with Chinese stuff of them.  These servers are located inside China.

What has this got to do with google using site speed tests?

Since google has no infrastructure in China – and never has – and has now “Left China”.  You can be sure that any server initiating speed test results, be it the google bot or another one – will be doing it’s duties from the USA.  So is that going to instantly have a negative effect on the rankings and perceived performance of sites hosted in China?

I hope google ain’t that dumb.  Just as the speed for people in the UK loading UK sites will be fine and faster than a crawler from the USA.  I wonder how google is going to (or not) define and calculate the metrics for the site speed for China hosted sites?  Maybe do a 95th and lop off the external to China hops?  Oh hang on – ICMP is blocked in China too.

Oh well.  I don’t really care.  But I hope I am not the only one who thinks outside the box on these issues and manages to join the dots from afar and not wait until the issues are already breathing down our necks and causing angst.

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