Another Take Down for “Illegal Content”

ICP threats are a normal part of doing business in China. Licence here, registration there – it is more of a paper work thing than anything else.

We do have one client though, who has a social media site based around book reviews, summaries and content quality. Well it is a recipe for problems. Today we had a govt take down notice because a book was summarised by some Chinese speaking person somewhere in the world.

Now the content in question was not even on the site or servers – it was just a summary – smells a lot like a certain search engine that is having troubles recently in China (I am referring to google) even though the same search queries on BAIDU return the same results almost and the same … problems….but I digress.

In any case as is par the course for China – if you are going to provide media and content, then you know what the rules are. Like em or hate…you must obey them and basically make sure that if you have a lot of content that you moderate it. Please don’t confuse moderate with censorship. People can always find what they want and view what they want all around the world. But if you run a server in China – conform to the laws.

And if you want to serve the Chinese people, then you pretty much HAVE to host inside China….which means also that you must have a business in China….which means you are already obeying the laws in China…. why wouldn’t your online presence be any different.

I don’t want to sound like a China apologist – because I am not. But I hate the added stress and work because someone got sloppy and pushed their risk over onto me.