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Still Alive

I really should blog more.  But Twitter and LinkedIn make it so much easier than blogging.  Then again I do need to rekindle my love of tech. And doing consulting in Australia is a lot more boring than a Startup in China.  On the other hand, my diet, exercise and stress levels are much better.


Xinjiang Internet Restored

Not sure when exactly this happened – I am guessing in the past 2 weeks as the Missus is declaring we need a new webcam at home so inter family video chats can resume. So all up it was about 1 year of being cut off from modern communications.


Leica M9 and the definition of vicarious

A mate from on my insistence decided to do an un boxing of his M9 for me.  It is the least he could do since we acted as counsellors and advisors on purchase and then mental distractions during the agonising wait that ensued.


WHOIS for a good laugh!

I was talking with the other expat tech in the office today and thought to myself, “Who is the domain registrar for google?” Thinking to myself it is probably network solutions (the ONLY place BTW to register .cn domain names if you want even a modicum of control over them). Well I fired up a […]


Quick Storage Tip

Ever wondered where all that disk space has gone? Why the 100GB drive is not 100GB? Well apart from some systems using GiB and others GB and then some manufacturers using base10 and not base3 and saying that 1GB is 1000MB and not 1024 – I have found another one. When making a file system […]


Nickel and Dimming Vendor Olympics?

In the middle of putting out a proposal for a very large client/tender at the moment. Well over a life time’s earnings in servers and an as yet un calculated retainer and service rate at this stage – electricity and bandwidth and human hours all cost money. I always try to get the best prices […]


Drive Roaming. DELL PERC4 Controllers

During a recent test run to see if a new PostgreSQL back end server would hasten things up in a main cluster – that has now become CPU bound and NOT IO…… the wizardry of that I will blog about later. In any case, the short of it is, that we were juggling PERC4 cards […]