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Got Servers? FaceBook has 30K!

Good to see that good old memcached is in use too! 😉


Tomcat = Headache

Well m recipe was good. I just have to find it again. While no one forgets to ride a bike – my brain can’t keep all the tech stuff that is life current and in the level one cache of my cerebral cortex. I need to push stuff out to swap now and then. But to close up this lame virtual memory metaphor…. I have a serious case of page fault right now. 🙁


CANDIS got a mention in a write up for our work with

While no way near as cool or professional as my stint in CNN a couple of years back. It is still cool though;


Open Office Conference Confirmed for Beijing

Yay! Go read for more. Now if only IDG could put on a half decent Linux World instead of the token crap they excrete out like a constipated hippo.


What is the net? Where is it going? Where is freedom?

Wow!  What a great discussion tonight at the BLUG! Sorry if I talked too much.  Sorry if the other Aussies did like wise.  It is very Australian to just tell it how it is and not filter for PC or sensitivities. Anyway, here is an excellent read from Cory Doctorow that I recently read.  No […]


PostgreSQL Re-Index, Index Corruption

Ever had a situation like this: Select from database ID where name = RICHARD; Returns and ID of 55 for example. Then go and do a query like this: Select * from some_other_table where ID = 55; Returns, “Sorry does not exist, time to die…..” Well apparently indexes when corrupt – which is NOT SUPPOSED […]


gam_server ruining your IO throughput? Context switches hitting 8,000 a second?

This hit me today. The “gam_server” process. Set to identify when any file in the system is changed. A useful action that has benefits. But not when it does it 3-5 times per second and the sever is serving NFS and PostgreSQL! To fix it, just ensure that somewhere in /etc/ (RedHat Base) or /etc/gamin/ […]