I am currently based in Sydney and work for Amazon Web Services.

I am also a Non Executive Director and Partner at CANDIS Group LTD China.

I am a keen Free Open Source Software (FOSS), Linux and basically anything servers enthusiast. I love big iron and the bigger and nastier a system has to be for my clients, the happier I am. When I am in the data centre, I am the same kid as when I opened up my first PC in 1989 for a hard disk upgrade.

I like UML, Use Case Design and abstract conceptualisation techniques. Fleshing out, understanding and then brain storming tricky needs are my forte. And China provides for PLENTY of those scenarios!


I am also a keen street and documentary photographer and still manage to take photo’s properly with silver halide black and white film, developed in my kitchen sink, for the ultimate in quality and aesthetic looks. My portfolio can be found at www.richardfordphotography.com.

I am the non vertically challenged chap in the middle in this 2002 shot of my mates and I transparent buy off by the old farts Rugby team in Beijing (the Devils) to play for them in Shanghai. But free food, beer, accomodation and transport is a good deal when you are a starving student!

Shanghai Ringins

You can contact me at:

EMAIL: rford AT utilitycomputing.com.cn

T w i t  – t e r : @richardford