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VMWARE Keyboard Repeating Madness

This issue has bugged me for well over 5 years. VMWARE has some weird issue – mainly with Linux hosts where the keyoard goes crazy and a single key press cause a million entries to appear.



There seems to be a lot of confusion and old information floating around about what is or isn’t an ICP may be and what is needed to get one and then as announced today – additional steps needed during the actual application process.


China Government Notice August 2010: ICP Application Process

With new regulations enforced by MIIT, Internet Service Providers are obliged to conform to the current ICP application procedure. Specifications are as follows:


Would you ever NOT offshore development?

Is there any point in NOT offshoring work? Most of the best tech these days is made out of India and Asia. So why do people still bother to do Computer Science degrees in the west of learn programming?