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Kevin Rose Beijing, Cleaning up

Going through some old scans from last year (bit of a back log). Here is one I took of Kevin Rose ( founder) when I took him out for Chaunr after a regrettably too lately planned and informed tweetup that prevented the execution of some serious piss cutting out on the town. :-s


Google Using Site Speed Ranking & China Based Servers

It is also no secret that the percentage of users in China that would love to use foreign web sites for most of their daily stuff – is quite low. Yes stuff is blocked. But the lion’s share of Chinese speaking people want Chinese sites with Chinese stuff of them. They are located inside China.


Cultural Understanding Course (Payment)

A former client of mine who was involved in a new venture recently quizzed me as to whether or not “We require clients to undertake the Cultural Understanding Course” if they do hosting and services with us?