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China Internet Cut Off

Currently locally hosted sites work – but if this goes on like last time – even they will fail because DNS will fail because there are no root servers for DNS in China, most registrars are also not in China and well… you get the idea. No point being able to connect if you do not know where to connect!


iPhone in China September 1st 2009?

I went into my local China Mobile Shop and the accompanying China Unicom shop (next door) yesterday to get the wife a new phone. Seeing as my monthly bill would pay for three contracts out right – we might as well get something back out of it – as opposed to just a Gold VIP Card that only works in select airport lounges around China and god forbid if you are on a flight later than 8PM and want a free coffee or cold drink or foot bath….


CANDIS and Voxel – Making of the China Cloud

Very cool and been a lot of hard work!