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Xinjiang, China Internet Block to last until October 1st 2009, Face Book and Twitter?

According to the local media in China, things flared up 2 days ago again. So while internet restrictions were about to be lifted the current official line is October 1st – China National Day – is when the blocks will be lifted.


Taking Andy Ihnatko around MY Beijing

Been a busy week for visiting tech celebs here in Beijing. First Kevin Rose and his tea tour group and now Andy Ihnatko.


Tweetup Beijing with Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss and Glenn Mcelhose

Awesome night. Feeling a bit seedy now as I get ready for my 11am – however met a bunch of cool people that share this city with me and of course Kevin, Tim and Glen. Like most tech meet ups in China, Australians tend to me over represented – though I hope we were well behaved.


Flickr Blocked in China Too!

There goes the flickr image servers as well. The fall out from Xinjiang continues.

Flickr works still for chat and forums – but no images.


Facebook Blocked in China blocked in China.

This time it is not even the “Connection Reset” usual suspect. Nothing is happening so I am guessing DNS poisoning.


Another Take Down for “Illegal Content”

We do have one client though, who has a social media site based around book reviews, summaries and content quality. Well it is a recipe for problems. Today we had a govt take down notice because a book title “The Dirty Nature of the Chinese Government” was summarised by some Chinese speaking person somewhere in the world.


OK – GPRS works for Twitter… IDC doesn’t on CNC – does on China Telecom – office doesn’t

This makes me laugh when overseas China tech “experts” say the “Great Firewall”. There is NO FIREWALL. There is a VERY DECOUPLED and de cntralised filtering system that often gives different results on different networks and at different times.