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Software as a Service, ASPing, ESPing, ISPing and many more “SP’s”

Software as a service. Sounds nice doesn’t it? How about utility computing or computing as a service? Well it is not until you actually start to UNDERSTAND it – that you get to appreciate it. All too often the pundits of tech in society (as nice as they are), like, and – […]


China an inefficient truth

I read this entry over on David Wolf’s blog before my recent trip back down under about power usage and IT infrastructure. Silicon Hutong And the topic did strike a “Hey this is real man!!!” kind of chord with me. A cathartic resonance that shall never come from me with respect to the greater greenhouse […]


Wimax Getting Closer in Beijing! Boxes Sighted!

I was making a surprise visit to our data centre today to see if the mice were at play while yours truly, the big cat was away. Out the front I saw all these boxes being unloaded by the truckload. I asked what they were all for and was told that this is for the […]


Google China SysAdmin Community Launch

This is a new initiative from Google in China. They contacted our LUG to see if there was any interest. To quote from El Presidente Fred: “I am reaching out for people with skills and/or interest in system or network administration. Google is starting a community around this theme and we were asked for the […]