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Drive Roaming. DELL PERC4 Controllers

During a recent test run to see if a new PostgreSQL back end server would hasten things up in a main cluster – that has now become CPU bound and NOT IO…… the wizardry of that I will blog about later. In any case, the short of it is, that we were juggling PERC4 cards […]


DRAC4 Reset?

My hosting manager found out this cool info recently. DRAC cards are a pain when they do not work – which is not rare. They are very important and are only needed in rare circumstances. However if those circumstances arise – these cards MUST perform. I must say that the PE1800 and DRAC4 that we […]


Chinese Registrars Redux

For part one, go here: I hate to bitch. And I hate to appear as if I am drumming up business or trying to screw other businesses. I am just trying to call it as I see it as a public service. We get maybe 3-4 clients a week transfer to us from a […]


ESX: Recover from expanded disk with existing snapshot or corrupted snapshots

I had a nasty shock this week with ESX3. I was going about expanding virtual disks and reallocating resources for one client. Now, I have done this MANY times, so I thought that “the 2 day old backup is sufficient” and did not wait 3-4 hours for a new backup, right before what will be […]


gam_server ruining your IO throughput? Context switches hitting 8,000 a second?

This hit me today. The “gam_server” process. Set to identify when any file in the system is changed. A useful action that has benefits. But not when it does it 3-5 times per second and the sever is serving NFS and PostgreSQL! To fix it, just ensure that somewhere in /etc/ (RedHat Base) or /etc/gamin/ […]


The New Virtual Infrastructure

I have been using VMWARE/BOCHS and UML for around 7 years now. And boy have things moved quickly! Most recently VMWARE announced their new products. ESX 3.5 is basically the same as ESX3, the main new feature that all people could use is the central patch management system. The feature that is really putting this […]


ICP Certificates, Beijing Linux User Group Compliance

Well, the thing is, in China, you have to have a licence to have a website, called an ICP. It costs money if you are commercial, even more money if an e-commerce site, as well as a bank deposit with a certain amount of registered capital. For non commercial entities it is free and no […]