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If you want to use Yahoo in China, it has to be done the Yahoo way ONLY!

OK, so I want to use Flickr for some photos. No sooner had I worked out a simple yet effective plan to allow me to actually use Flickr in China, then I am stone walled by Yahoo. It seems that you need a Yahoo ID to use Flickr. And no matter how or where I […]


Come to China and increase (or is it decrease?) your capital assets costs…

How long does a server last? Both in book value and real in world production? What about general technology and computers? What about cars? Or buildings? I lived in an over 100 year old house in Sydney in Balmain that is no less modern than anything else anywhere….and while I also use a laptop that […]


CCPC Meeting coming, internet users brace…

OK – that time of the year again. CCPC meeting time, get ready for internet “issues”. Seems to have been some already today…. had one major CNC outage to one of CANDIS’ data centres and it knocked out some services. Various parties claimed it was a DDOS attack – however that is the 10th one […]


Feed Burner Blocked in China

No wonder my page views dropped. Crikey! I was waiting for it to happen really. There are many things that I know are a bit “ahead” of China, that I know will break policies, so it is just a matter of time before mere mortals catch up with the geek crew who are on the […]


When 73GB is not 73GB! Enter LVM

Thought I should write something tech for a change! 😉 It is golden week here and all are away on break. So instead of forcing a staff member to come back, I thought I would take care of some stuff myself. My problems started when a client who has a large advertising cluster, was running […]