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Beijing Software Freedom Day: A fire breathing Dragon of a success!

Well, we came, we championed, we explained, we lobbied and we taught. We laughed, we gathered, we swapped tales and we helped clear up some misconceptions. The sun was out, the sky was blue(ish – not bad by Beijing’s standards) and the students were happy and eager to learn what was going on and to […]


Software Freedom Day Reminder…

It is coming up this weekend!! Click HERE for more info from my previous post.


China’s Olympic Data Centre

I got to go and stick my nose about a nice “Olympic Quality” (whatever that means) CNC data centre last night as my team and I ripped up and put back together a new clients ailing cluster. This place had official Olympic logo’s all over the place! And nice toilets – a rudimentary western yard […]


First Official Fedora Mirror in China Online!

Well, it has been a struggle, yet it is all over, almost. For a few days now the FIRST FEDORA MIRROR IN CHINA has been online. Proudly sponsored by CANDIS and urged on by the Beijing Linux Users Group. There are still some tweaks to happen and more data sets to be added over time, […]


The Verdict Is In!

Excellent Results! CPU System load was DOWN. This is due to much better disk IO (reduced wait times) and as such, user processes get to breath and send stuff back to clients in a speedy fashion.


PostgreSQL Upgrade Part 3

I knew the config files were different between 7.4 and 8.1 and that some items merely changed names and some were deprecated. I used this excellent resource before. Even the very rudimentary tweaks I did, and with a RAID array that is in a 90% rebuild rate, background initialisation, this 8.1 version is FAST! I […]


PostgreSQL Upgrade Part 2

Well, the PostgreSQL upgrade was a snap, sorta. I needed to do a full dump and restore as this was a major version change – no surprises there. What pissed me off though, is that when using the binary data type for dump files when using pg_dump (“-T c”) the resulting backup file is of […]