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Software Freedom Day 2007

Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom and the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software. Local teams from all over the world organise events on the third Saturday in September. The most recent event involved over 200 teams from all over […]


Red Hat to the Rescue!

Well, it seems only appropriate that with Linux World China being next week and all, that Red Hat are going to get some LTO2 tapes shipped. I didn’t even check on my status today, but I was hovering around ~77GB. 540 odd GB to go! I would like to pull from Japan, but they use […]


Chinese Registrars and Domain Names

Well, hasn’t managing a .CN or any domain name in China been fun. The number of well understood ICANN recommendations that aren’t adhered to is as numerous as the cries for blood following the loss of Australia to Italy in the world cup quarter finals. In any case the Ministry of Science and Technology has […]


Off-shoring and Fujitsu took my idea!

It is nice to see that I am not too “out there” in my thoughts.,39044229,62030996,00.htm Difference is, they are still paying too much $$$$ to over paid western IT staff that really don’t do any serious Computer Science or R+D. That’s where China comes in! Global economy people, get with it, or get left […]


Fedora Mirror Update

Well, I lost track of time.  However long it has been, I am now at 44GB!  Only a couple hundred left to go. Why Red Hat?  Why are your core mirrors so piss weak in China compared to other distros?


Fedora Mirror Day 3

Well, something around 96 hours and we have ~24 GB. As Colonel Slade would quip; “Hoo ha!” </Sarcasm>


Hiring Engineers in China

Has anybody else out there had issues with finding good people in China? My problem is not the vast swath of never ending bodies lining up for a job, or even the various diluted names for degrees these days, “Bachelor of Internet Marketing”, “Bachelor of E Business Sanitation” – a problem not limited to China. […]